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Mission No Poo -Review of the 1st week

17 Oct

Otres Beach Sunset - Naturoce

Article en français ici


I wrote this article almost three years ago (February 2014) when I became more conscious of our beauty habits which are not so « beauty » but more marketing. Anyway, the subject of this article is not to rant but to share with you my experience. I started by changing my many hair products for a natural alternative. As I always say, we all have a different body and soul so everyone needs a different routine. My many experiences to wash my hair included eggs, clay and organic shampoo until finally making my own solid shampoo. And one day, I had enough and went all in with the no poo experiment. No poo means no shampoo at all. Our body is amazing and regukates itself perfectly without any products. Our society has this idea about cleaning with products which is totally wrong and the chemicals and marketing industries are contributing plainly to your brainwashing. I do not include myself anymore, I am now conscious of myself and not receptive to any blabla marketing (which are all bullshit by the way). I am here to share with you my own experience and discovery to blossom into a healthy and happy natural being.

I started my blog in French and now I am translating slowly into English therefore some of the articles are old but I consider these articles to be very interesting when you are starting to wake up.

Here it is – February 2014:

Last week, I took the decision to change a well established habit: washing my hair, After reading two experiences from two French blogs, I wanted to do the same and stop washing my hair so often. Lire la suite


How to read shampoo ingredients

28 Avr

Article en français: Apprendre à reconnaître les mauvais ingrédients

Hello hello,

Today, an article to help you be aware of the chemicals in the shampoo you are using and buying.

After trying a few different things to wash my hair: egg, clay. I went to my organic shop and purchased an organic shampoo.

The shampoos you find in supermarkets and pharmacies usually contains a lot of irritative ingredients : allergens, photosensitizing et pollutant.

Here is a non exhaustive list of ingredients to avoid:

Bad ingredients in shampoo - Naturoce Lire la suite

Rinse your hair with vinegar

22 Avr
Vinaigre de cidre naturoce

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to rinse your hair. Naturoce

Article en français: Le vinaigre de rinçage

Hello and Welcome to Natur’Oce!

When I started to go natural with my hair, the first step was to use vinegar. After every shampoo just rinse your hair with vinegar, it’s a great treat for your hair, you’re going to love it !

Why using vinegar  for your hair?

The pH of our scalp is about 6, for usual supermarkets (chemicals) shampoo it’s 8 or 7 if it says « neutral pH », the organic ones it’s 5,5 and vinegar is between 2,5 and 3,5. Obviously it’s more or less. You’re going to ask me why i’m talking about the pH ? Simply, if you rinse your hair with vinegar it will bring a bit of acidity to your scalp because « normal chemicals » shampoos are too alkaline. If you’re already using shampoo with pH<7, vinegar is still great because it has multiple properties: Lire la suite