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Mission No Poo – Review of the 2nd week

3 Déc
White vinegar Thai - Naturoce

White vinegar Thai – Naturoce

Article en français: Misson No Poo – Bilan 2e semaine

Hello beautiful souls,

It’s been two weeks in the nothing month. I share with you the beginning of this road to washing my hair with water only here.

I left you with greasy hair on my way to the sea…

D8: So I didn’t swim today. I’m moving out and I didn’t take the time to brush my hair this morning, I’m not settled yet. My hair is same same as yesterday. Lire la suite


Let’s try to wash my hair with Clay!

23 Août

My green and white clays - Naturoce

Hello hair lovers!

When I turned over my life and got rid of all chemicals, I did a lot of experiments to find what was suiting me the most. Nature offers us so many possibilities to take care of us and we are all different therefore, becoming natural is a slow process of discovering yourself and your body. What works what doesn’t…

Today, I’m trying clay to wash my hair.

Clay is one of these must have ingredients. Clay absorbs and that the main reason why we want it for our hair. Especially if you have greasy/oily hair. You would like to learn more about clay? Read my article here.

I bought some green clay of montmorillonite. They are a lot of different types of clay, the one I purchased is a really common one. Let’s go to the bathroom to experiment…. Lire la suite

Magic clay! How to use it?

20 Mai

Mes argiles, my clays - Naturoce

Article en français: L’argile et ses multiples applications

Today, I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite and essential beauty and health must-have ingredient!

Clay is found in nature, it’s in the ground and has different types.

Clay is aborbant, its main quality that allows us to use it for many health and cosmetic purposes. It is not specific for oily skin, it suits every type of skin.

There are many colors of clay that differentiates with their iron oxide content.

Clay is remineralizing (rich in mineral salts and oligo-elements), purifying, scaring, soothing, softening, decongestant and more.

Beware to not use metal (positive/negative ions exchange), prefer plastic, glass or wood spoons and containers.

Lire la suite

Make your own natural facial masks

22 Avr

Article en français: Masques maison faciles pour une beauté naturelle

Hello everyone!

Your kitchen is a fantastic Aladdin’s cave for our own beauty! You can find ingredients for every skin treatment purposes: nourishing, cleansing, brightening, scrubbing and more.

I love to make my own facial mask with what I can find in my kitchen, especially in the fridge. That’s why I call them the “Fridge Masks”.

What you can find in your kitchen:

Dairy products are nourishing, moisturizing and they soften the skin. Lire la suite