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Solid Shampoo Total Repair – Laura

20 Oct


Hello Natural Friends!

Another solid shampoo recipe! This one I made for my friend Laura. At the time, Laura suffered from irritation of her scalp. She also dyes her hair which means her scalp and hair are being aggressed by the chemicals. Her scalp needs an anti-inflamatory to soothe the irritation and also some repairing of her skin. Her hair needs to be nourished because dying your hair dries it.

Total repair for this Laura Solid Shampoo. It suits any kind of scalp and hair whatever the issues (or not) are.

What is a Solid Shampoo or Shampoo Bar?

A Solid Shampoo is exactly almost like your usual organic shampoo except it’s solid (like a soap) and it’s more practical and more economic. Practical because it’s easy to carry it with you and travel with it. It’s small and doesn’t leak 😉 More economic because it takes a long long time to finish one and if you think about it (and compare costs), it’s cheaper.

Recipe for Solid Shampoo « LAURA »: Lire la suite