DIY Natural Lipbalm Recipe

25 Juin

lipbalm finishN

Hello gorgeous people!

After opening my eyes about the bad ingredients the “beauty industry”was using in our daily products, I started to make my own. I am a fervent user of lipbalms, I was so crazy about them that I started to bring one back from every country I was traveling to ahah! Until I started to make my own and stopped the crazy addiction!

Honestly, since I’ve been using natural homemade lipbalms, my lips are better. I don’t need to put on lipbalm all the time anymore, the natural and good ingredients help my lips being moist and healthy. They regulate themselves better and don’t dry out because of bad ingredients. Yes, It’s a vicious circle, apply bad lipbalm will feel good for a little bit until your lips need more because they don’t get feed well enough to be healthier. You get my point, I stop my rant and get to the recipe!

Super easy recipe to make a natural lipbalm:

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Magic clay! How to use it?

20 Mai

Mes argiles, my clays - Naturoce

Article en français: L’argile et ses multiples applications

Today, I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite and essential beauty and health must-have ingredient!

Clay is found in nature, it’s in the ground and has different types.

Clay is aborbant, its main quality that allows us to use it for many health and cosmetic purposes. It is not specific for oily skin, it suits every type of skin.

There are many colors of clay that differentiates with their iron oxide content.

Clay is remineralizing (rich in mineral salts and oligo-elements), purifying, scaring, soothing, softening, decongestant and more.

Beware to not use metal (positive/negative ions exchange), prefer plastic, glass or wood spoons and containers.

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How to read shampoo ingredients

28 Avr

Article en français: Apprendre à reconnaître les mauvais ingrédients

Hello hello,

Today, an article to help you be aware of the chemicals in the shampoo you are using and buying.

After trying a few different things to wash my hair: egg, clay. I went to my organic shop and purchased an organic shampoo.

The shampoos you find in supermarkets and pharmacies usually contains a lot of irritative ingredients : allergens, photosensitizing et pollutant.

Here is a non exhaustive list of ingredients to avoid:

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Essential Oils for Your Hair

24 Avr

Essential oils hair naturoce

Article en français: Les huiles essentielles pour nos cheveux

Hello all,

Today, an article to list the essential oils to use depends on your hair type. Lire la suite

Solid Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair – Lola

24 Avr

Solid Shampoo Bar by Naturoce

Article en français à venir

Hello Natural Friends!

I haven’t talked about solid shampoos in english yet. I’m gonna make it right with you because solid shampoos are amazing !

I made this recipe for my good friend Lola. She’s been dying her hair for years now while using natural organic products and just recently started to use henne (natural dying). Her hair is a bit damaged from all those chemical years so can be dry. I wanted the shampoo to moisture and nourish her scalp so I picked up specific ingredients.

What is a Solid Shampoo or Shampoo Bar?

A Solid Shampoo is exactly almost like your usual organic shampoo except it’s solid (like a soap) and it’s more practical and more economic. Practical because it’s easy to carry it with you and travel with it. It’s small and doesn’t leak 😉 More economic because it takes a long long time to finish one and it doesn’t cost a lot to make (or buy).

Solid Shampoo Bar for dry, dyed and damaged hair - Ingredients by Naturoce

Solid Shampoo Bar for dry, dyed and damaged hair – Ingredients by Naturoce

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Le Savon de Marseille!!!

22 Avr


Salut les curieux!

Aujourd’hui je vous parle d’un de mes incontournables produits à tout faire: le fameux Savon de Marseille. Si fameux qu’il est aujourd’hui difficile de faire la part des choses entre les vrais et faux savons de Marseille car son appellation n’est pas controllée.

Le vrai savon de Marseille est composé à 72% d’huiles végétales, traditionnellement d’huile d’olive mais l’on peut en trouver avec un mélange de différentes huiles: palme, coprah ou même de coco.

Blanc vs vert: le vert contient de l’huile d’olive.

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DIY Eco-Friendly Washing Up Liquid

22 Avr
DIY Eco-friendly washing up liquid - naturoce


Article en français: Faire son liquide vaisselle éco maison

Dear eco and natural friends,

Today, I’d like to share with you one of my most used recipe. Let’s make our own eco and healthy washing up liquid.

Why not washing your dishes without chemicals ?

I’ve got plenty of reasons for you to change your « washing dishes » habits :

  • The chemicals of your washing up liquid get into the earth which means when you’re using your industrial washing liquid you are polluting your own envirronment.
  • The chemicals of your washing up liquid irritates your skin, it can also provokes skin rashes and even allergies.
  • Making your own liquid is more economical
  • Making your own liquid is easy
  • Making your own is healthier : The chemicals get through your skin and can affect your health. How many times a day are you using your washing liquid ??
  • When you make your own washing up liquid, you gain some knowledge about the bad and good ingredients, about how cleaning works. Yes, you get a little bit smarter !

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