Mission No Poo – Review of the 2nd week

3 Déc
White vinegar Thai - Naturoce

White vinegar Thai – Naturoce

Article en français: Misson No Poo – Bilan 2e semaine

Hello beautiful souls,

It’s been two weeks in the nothing month. I share with you the beginning of this road to washing my hair with water only here.

I left you with greasy hair on my way to the sea…

D8: So I didn’t swim today. I’m moving out and I didn’t take the time to brush my hair this morning, I’m not settled yet. My hair is same same as yesterday.

D9: Good brushing and later on today, I go for a swim in the sea! It feels so good…In the evening, I rinsed my hair with water and vinegar. My hair feels lighter and better after the vinegar rinsing.

Here, I use white vinegar because I just can’t find organic apple cider vinegar. It’s great. (nowadays I find it!)

D10: Swimming in the sea and rinsing with water. My hair feels a bit greasy but it’s all good, I’m on the beach!

D11: Same same as yesterday. It’s all good.

D12: It’s been two days I haven’t brushed my hair therefore today special treat. I brush them for a while and I treat them to a dry shampoo with pink clay. I use the pink one because I can’t find my green one in all my stuff ahah. I put only a little bit on the top of my head and I brush a lot. This is awesome! The top of my head is not greasy anymore and my hair is shiny now. My hair looks great loose.

D13: Swimming and rinsing with water. No brushing…bad girl…

D14: Intensive brushing. I really notice the difference when I brush a lot. I wet them under the shower and rinse with vinegar.

Review of the 2nd week:

I admit my hair is a bit sticky. I have blond hair so they look darker than usual. It doesn’t matter anyway because it’s the beginning of my new conscious life and I don’t care how my hair looks like as long as it is chemical free. Go Oce!

My new natural beauty tricks are: brushing a lot, rinsing with vinegar and dry shampoo. I could do more dry shampoos but I am in a no poo challenge with myself and I think my hair needs to regulate itself first.

What about you? Have you committed to the no poo adventure?

Let’s talk next week!

Enjoy your day,



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