Solid Shampoo Total Repair – Laura

20 Oct


Hello Natural Friends!

Another solid shampoo recipe! This one I made for my friend Laura. At the time, Laura suffered from irritation of her scalp. She also dyes her hair which means her scalp and hair are being aggressed by the chemicals. Her scalp needs an anti-inflamatory to soothe the irritation and also some repairing of her skin. Her hair needs to be nourished because dying your hair dries it.

Total repair for this Laura Solid Shampoo. It suits any kind of scalp and hair whatever the issues (or not) are.

What is a Solid Shampoo or Shampoo Bar?

A Solid Shampoo is exactly almost like your usual organic shampoo except it’s solid (like a soap) and it’s more practical and more economic. Practical because it’s easy to carry it with you and travel with it. It’s small and doesn’t leak 😉 More economic because it takes a long long time to finish one and if you think about it (and compare costs), it’s cheaper.

Recipe for Solid Shampoo « LAURA »:

70% Surfactant SCS: Sodium coco-sulfate

5% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5% Shea Butter*

16% Chamomile* and Nettle* Infusion

2% Peony Powder*

1.3% Lavender Essential Oil* – Lavendula Angustifolia

0.6% Rosmary ct Cinaeole Essential Oil* – Rosmarinus Oficinalis ct Cineole

*Organic ingredients

Why these ingredients?

Olive oil – Olea europaea : moisture, give strength & shine to your scalp and hair. It protects your color and make it shine longer. It acts like a conditioner.

Shea Butter* – Butyrospermum parkii: Restores shine and beauty to your hair. Deeply nourishes the hair fiber. Extends and protects your hair color.

Peony Powder* Paeonia officinalis: anti-inflammatory, soothing, great for damaged, itchy scalp and dandruff. I picked up this ingredient to appease the scalp because of the products used to dye the hair.

Chamomile Flowers* – Chamomilla matricaria L.: Very soothing and smoothing. Brightens your blond highlights. Great for everyone. Great for irritated, dry, dehydrated, swollen skin.

Nettle leaves* – Urtica Dioica: Natural hair tonic. Provides the necessary vitamins and minerals to strengthen your hair and restore its natural beauty. Helps fight hair loss. Regulates sebum for oily hair and soothes dandruff.

Rosemary ct Cineole Essential Oil – Rosmarinus Officinalis ct Cineole: Revives and energizes your scalp and hair. Great for dandruff and skin flakes.

Lavender – Lavandula AngustifoliaThis is my favorite essential oil! Lavandula angustifolia is multi-use. Healing and regenerative properties for your skin. Anti-inflamatory. It’s great for all whatever your scalp issue is (irritation, eczema, psoriasis, etc.).

How to make it?

  1. Sterilize all utensils (boiling water or 90° alcool).
  2. Make a strong herbal tea with the water and chamomile flowers and let it marinate while cooling down. (don’t boil the water, just warm it up around 60/70degrees)
  3. Pour the SCS in a bowl
  4. Add the oils and butter: Olive oil+Castor Oil+Shea butter.
  5. Strain the herbal tea and pour the chamomile water in the same bowl.
  6. Now, warm up slowly your bowl of ingredients in a bain-marie to not affect the oils. Stir.
  7. When all these ingredients are mixed together in a paste. Take the bowl off the heat.
  8. Keep stirring and add the Panthenol.
  9. Pour it in a mold.
  10. Put it in the fridge to dry for 24hours.
  11. Patience….
  12. When dry, take it off the mold and store it in a little container or wrapping film.

You made a solid shampoo!!!

How to use your homemade natural Shampoo Bar?

Under the shower, wet your hair as usual. Take your Shampoo Bar and rub it a few times on your head. Then massage your hair like usual. You’ll see it foams a lot. Rinse like usual and don’t forget a last rinse with vinegar.

Tips and Feedback:

Laura is very happy with her shampoo!

You have a choice of different oils and butters, just have fun!

An article about Essential oils for your hair.

Storage the Solid Shampoo in a dry place to not waste it (basically don’t leave it soaking in a pond of water in your bathroom).

I encourage you to start making your own Natural & Organic products. It’s a lot of fun, better for your health and the environment, and cheaper!! By making your own products you will learn about ingredients and how your body works, you’ll become more conscious of yourself and the envirronment and slowly you will be happy with what you have and use less.

Other Solid Shampoo Recipes: Kristel, Victoria, Yolanda, Lola

Have you tried to wash your hair with a Solid Shampoo? What do you think?

I will be happy to answer any questions or comments.





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