Mission No Poo -Review of the 1st week

17 Oct

Otres Beach Sunset - Naturoce

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I wrote this article almost three years ago (February 2014) when I became more conscious of our beauty habits which are not so « beauty » but more marketing. Anyway, the subject of this article is not to rant but to share with you my experience. I started by changing my many hair products for a natural alternative. As I always say, we all have a different body and soul so everyone needs a different routine. My many experiences to wash my hair included eggs, clay and organic shampoo until finally making my own solid shampoo. And one day, I had enough and went all in with the no poo experiment. No poo means no shampoo at all. Our body is amazing and regukates itself perfectly without any products. Our society has this idea about cleaning with products which is totally wrong and the chemicals and marketing industries are contributing plainly to your brainwashing. I do not include myself anymore, I am now conscious of myself and not receptive to any blabla marketing (which are all bullshit by the way). I am here to share with you my own experience and discovery to blossom into a healthy and happy natural being.

I started my blog in French and now I am translating slowly into English therefore some of the articles are old but I consider these articles to be very interesting when you are starting to wake up.

Here it is – February 2014:

Last week, I took the decision to change a well established habit: washing my hair, After reading two experiences from two French blogs, I wanted to do the same and stop washing my hair so often.

At this time, I am washing my hair with a solid shampoo (my own personal recipe) but it is still getting oily after a few days and it’s annoying so I am changing everything by stopping everything. My advice is go minimum!

Mission No Poo

I commit myself to a long path requiring patience. But I realize that a habit doesn’ t happen from one day to another.

In a few month, I will wash my hair only with water! (Today I confirm that’s what I do)

So how do we do that?

Change smoothly and slowly, my scalp/hair has to adopt again the habit of auto-regulating itself and I need to re-adopt the habit to not use shampoos.

I think it’s gonna be more difficult for me than for my hair!

First month is a challenge because no washing is allowed.

My daily journal:

D 1 : I wash my hair with 2 Tbsp of bicarbonate of sodium (baking soda or BS) mix in a glass of water. I admit it’s not so obvious to wash with a glass of very liquid water but it’s alright and I manage. Scrub all your scalp. Then, I rinse with vinegar and Ylang-Ylang Essential oil. For more detail about and why rinsing with vinegar, go here. Also, about which essential oils for your hair, read here.

Obviously natural drying. My hair is clean and the little snow flakes I had are gone. BS is magic to get rid of hair flakes, dandruff and itchy scalp. Mine were due to a change of weather (from super humid to dry).

D 2 : I brush with my natural brush (mine is in plastic with boar bristle, you can use wood or natural bristle). It says a good brushing is necessary to spread the sebum on all the hair. It sorts out the effect: oily roots and dry ends. Brushing helps to get rid of all the dead hair as well. I sit on a chair, and I brush on every side again and again and again. More or less, I brush 25 times each: front, right side, back, left side.

Then, the important step of washing my brush. First I use a comb to take off all the hair in it, then I drop it in a glass with a pinch of BS for about 20min (or more when I forget) and rinse. If your brush is in wood, just sparkle BS, let it sit for a bit (minimum 20min) and rinse.

I rinse, my brush looks new and I let it dry for tomorrow.

My hair is alright, nothing special (except no more snow flakes).

D3 : Intensive brushing then wash the brush. I already see the effect of the brushing, my roots are less greasy.

D4 : Same same.

D5 : I’m taking a flight back to Cambodia. I decide to do a dry shampoo with corn starch. I tried with clay before and heard so much about corn starch that I decide to go for it. I put some on my roots and I brush, brush, brush… It’s amazing! My hair is clean and with volume. My brush is white so I clean it.

My hair is loose in the plane and very beautiful (I had greasy ugly hair before when I was flying).

D6 : So it’s been more than 13hours of flight plus transit, I have no idea which day we are. I brush and clean my brush. A lot of white due to the starch. My hair is blond so I didn’t really notice it but I imagine for brown hair, more brushing is necessary. My hair is not super clean and light but it’s ok. I tie it, done.

D7 : Brushing and cleaning the brush as usual. My hair is tied because it starts to get oily even if I can see that the daily brushing helps. The sebum is more spread. I don’t have oily roots and dry ends, it’s more “unified”.

After one week:

I am surprised because it’s better than I expected. The only difficulty is to not wet my hair under the shower. I realized it was a pleasure to wet my hair, especially here with the hot sunny days.

Years later: It doesn’t bother me at all to wet or not wet my hair which means it’s another habit that’s it.

Next week, I’m swimming (with my hair) in the sea….

If you started, keep going: patience and trust in yourself

Let’s chat next week,



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