Let’s try to wash my hair with Clay!

23 Août

My green and white clays - Naturoce

Hello hair lovers!

When I turned over my life and got rid of all chemicals, I did a lot of experiments to find what was suiting me the most. Nature offers us so many possibilities to take care of us and we are all different therefore, becoming natural is a slow process of discovering yourself and your body. What works what doesn’t…

Today, I’m trying clay to wash my hair.

Clay is one of these must have ingredients. Clay absorbs and that the main reason why we want it for our hair. Especially if you have greasy/oily hair. You would like to learn more about clay? Read my article here.

I bought some green clay of montmorillonite. They are a lot of different types of clay, the one I purchased is a really common one. Let’s go to the bathroom to experiment….

Super easy: 1 or two spoons (not in metal) of clay in water. First put the clay then add water slowly while stirring so you can make it the consistence preferred from paste to liquid.

My first time was hilarious, I put clay absolutely everywhere in my white bathroom! I took a shower standing in my bathtub, here I am pouring the bowl filled of liquid clay over my head. It’s definitely pouring everywhere as I am now splashing in a puddle of green water in my white, well not anymore, bathtub. Definitely not the right way to do it!

Second time, I used a big paint brush and brushed my roots with the liquid clay. I was over my sink this time. I enjoyed painting my head but my mix was too liquid again and ended up again becoming an artistic interior designer!

Third time, I made a paste by adding less water. Being a paste it’s kind of a mask now. So I applied the clay mask on my head with the big paint brush and my fingers. So much easier and no dripping this time. Once all over my head, I’m waiting until I start snowing green clay as it dries. I rinse under the shower and I find my hair to be greasy. Something wasn’t right, I think I applied it too long…

Fourth time, I had a genius idea! I used an empty shampoo bottle and poured inside clay and water and shaked it. It was easier to use under the shower than a bowl. I used it like I would shampoo my hair with a chemical shampoo. Nevertheless, my hair is still greasy and feels heavy.

I tried a lot of times to wash my hair with clay (green and white) but I always have sticky hair after. I don’t understand why. Maybe it’s just not what my hair needs?

I finally tried to use clay as a dry shampoo. What a success! I applied white clay powder on my head and massaged my hair with it to spread it properly. Then I brushed my hair a lot and it looked gorgeous and clean! Up to you to wait or not. It absorbs straight away so it’s practical for a quick fix in the morning or before going out. You also can keep it while you sleep for a deeper absorbing. It’s all about experimenting and discovering what suits you and your hair better.

And don’t forget to rince it with vinegar!

By the way, I usually do it outside as it spreads powder everywhere ahah!

Have you tried? If you’re using clay for your hair, please share your tips with us.

Have fun!



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